Loading annotations as regions from MySQL or InfluxDB

Hey all,

i’m using grafana to visualize states and throughput of machines.
Now i want to show which works were done on the machines using (region) annotations.
At the moment the done works are stored in an MySQL-DB having some structure like this:

  • ID (unsigned int)
  • Start (timestamp)
  • End (timestamp)
  • Description (string)

I was searching for a possibility to create a region annotation based on such dataset, but i only got “normal” annotations.
Is there any chance to get something like what i’m trying to get?

If it isn’t supported by MySQL-Datasource i can image to store the data in InfluxDB, too.


I was about to post a very similar question :+1: Some annotation stores support regions but others including sql do not…

I don’t see a technical reason it couldn’t. At one point, the mysql annotation store supported a Title attribute, but it was deprecated in #8197.

Looks like the back end is getting adjustments that will make it easier to extend region storage to mysql in the future. From the 6.4.x release notes:

Annotations : Use a single row to represent a region. #17673, @[.]ryantxu