Postgresql Annotation Metadata


this is my first post on Grafana Community plattform.
I have a question regarding the annotation feature for a postgresql datasource.
The table has 4 colums: ID (bigserial, pk), ASSIGNMENT (text), START (timestamp), END (timestamp)
How can I display the assignment data as annotation on a graph (START to END) ?

Thanks for your help!

postgres annotations do not support range annotations, only single point events

That’s bad news. Could you develop this as a feature for the next release?

@torkel Is there any datasource that supports range annotations? Was trying to check but couldnt find anything.

Region annotations are possible through manual cmd holddown and dragging.
I don’t know if it is possible through any datasource.
Please develop this feature!

Not possible with other data sourcs right now.

Hi there,

is there a github ticket that tracks this issue (range annotations for datasources such as postgres)? Or some third-party tool that works around this limitation?