KQL Visualization messed up

I’m using Log Analytics from Azure Monitor to load in data to Grafana and visualize it.
When I use Azure workbooks, everything is working correctly:

When I do the same query and visualization in Grafana, I get weird behavior:

The visualization in Grafana also changes sometimes to show only a few values, or nothing at all. Changing the extend pipe to modify the same variable instead also changes the visualization, which is not the case in Azure Workbooks.

When I inspect the data in table format, it all looks correct.

Does someone have an idea of what I’m doing wrong here? I can add more pictures but I’m only allowed to insert 2 as a new user.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @kequach ,
Are you able to resolve it ? i think for such visualization, you need to sort you data by time as you are doing time series. Let me know if this works.
I am using Azure data explorer as data source and with time series, i am able to get the right metrics.