Grafana 8.2.5 & Azure Monitor data source issue

I’m using Grafana hosted in Azure App Service as a docker container for visualizing data from Azure Monitor.
But after an upgrade to 8.2.5 the dashboards has stopped loading data.
Some of them will work after I edit the KQL query (adding a space), and save, but the data is loading very slow.

Is there any known issue with 8.2.5 and the Azure Monitor plugin?

Can you provide more details on the error? For example, the query that you needed to modify for it to work with the new version of Grafana.

Now I updated to 8.3.3, the same thing happends again. But now I have to reselect the Service, and Workspace in each panel. There is an error “The requested path does not exists”.
There is nothing changed regarding our Log analytics workspaces.