Data now showing correctly in graph


I’m using Grafana V7.2.2, with Azure data connector.

I’m trying to add a graph in my dashboard, but for some reason it won’t show up correctly.
My graph have 3-4 components with Event ingestion rate for each component.

I’m testing my KQL query in Azure, and trying to render a chart and it working as expected:

When trying to do the same in grafna, I get the following result:

This is my query:
let podID = ContainerInventory
| where TimeGenerated > ago(5m)
| where ContainerHostname hasprefix “clc-receiver-cef”
| project ContainerHostname, ContainerID
| summarize by ContainerID, ContainerHostname;
| join kind=inner podID on ContainerID
| where TimeGenerated > ago(6h)
| extend LogEntry = trim(@"rate one: ", LogEntry)
| summarize EPS = sum(toreal(LogEntry)) by bin(TimeGenerated, 1s), ContainerHostname
| sort by TimeGenerated

any idea why?


Found the issue…

need to add asc to | sort by TimeGenerated

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the solution @saggie!