Graph is different from query result


I just started using Grafana and I’m working my way through it and I have stumbled on this issue.

I have a simple query that returns the number os ticket that were opened in a queue per day.

The query itself works okay and shows me the expected result, see below:

But the graph panel on Grafana shows data only until November 11th and the way it’s showing the data is not good for readability, I was expecting to have X bars corresponding to the number of queues I have.

I created two new tickets on Nov 17th and grafana simply does not show them as the query shows.

Thank you in advance.


I had a very similar problem - data was not shown for the last hours/days although it was in the database. Which version of Grafana are you using? For me it worked when I got back to 5.2.2. Maybe you can try this.

Best regards and good luck!

Hello Lukas, thank you for your reply.

I’m using version 5.3.2, was this the version you had trouble too?
I’ll consider dowgrading to 5.2


No, I have been using 5.3.4. The problem is known and it should have been fixed with 5.3.4 ( However, I only succeeded with 5.2.2.


Maybe you can try this macro,$__timeFilter()