Graph panel showing non existing data


I am using Grafana v5.3.1 with Postegresql 10.6 running on Ubuntu 18.04.1

I have the following query with following results:

I am grouping data by week and for some reason the graph panel is showing incorrect data for the week of 2018-10-29.

As you can see on the image:

There is no data for “High Memory and Page File Usage(A)” for that week.

Does any one have any hint about this?
Thank you

Make sure that time returned correspond to UTC timezone.


can you be more explicit with your suggestion, please? I did some investigation and tryied to work the time returned without success.

However I did find something: if I change the graph from bars to lines, without stack, the graph shows the correct data. As you can see on the image below: (please see the orange line. This is correct, I only have data for 2018-10-22 and 2018-11-05)

Unfortunately, using the lines for this graph is not an option for me on this graph. So, I will not use lines.

If I use bars, it seems the graph panel is filling the blank interval in the meddle, for the date 2018-10-29.

If you are doing stacked graphs you need to make sure you have every group in every time interval. One way to do that is using $__timeGroup macro (3rd argument controls the behaviour you need).

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I changed the query to make sure every group is in every time interval and it worked.

Thank very much for your help.