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Hello there, new Grafana user here.

I am hoping to use Grafana to create dashboards from data that is held on a local Postgres database. The Query Editor is working correctly and returning data as I would expect. However, I am struggling to plot this data in a graph.

One of my queries returns a list of items, and their corresponding count. I want the list of items along the x axis, and the count on the y - fairly standard stuff. I have selected ‘Graph’ as the panel type, but it would appear that this only likes to plot things when the x axis contains a time/date value. I have set the X-Axis mode to ‘Series’ as suggested in the docs, but am really struggling to get the graph to work at all.


SELECT COUNT(items) AS Count, items 
FROM global
GROUP BY items

Would really appreciate some help as how to get this working!

I am trying to plot a chart using some Time Series data, however, the graph is not plotting as I would expect.

I am doing a count on the time column exclusively, and wanting to plot data per hour. The timestamp is a standard format, e.g., 2017-12-10 05:07:12.

The SQL query I have is:

SELECT observation_date AS time, COUNT(date_trunc('hour', observation_date))
FROM global
GROUP BY time;

However, this is generating a very unusual chart:

I also wondered how I could format the date/time x values in the UK format, namely DD/MM, rather than MM/DD. I have set the unit as locale format, which does not appear to have helped.

This is what I am hoping to plot:


Other things I have tried is also wrapping the query with the macro as follows:

SELECT $__time(observation_date)

and also

COUNT(date_trunc('day', observation_date)) AS metric

However these don’t seem to help, with the latter returning a Column metric must be of type char,varchar or text error.

Would really appreciate your help!

You need to add: “SORT BY time”

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