How to plot graph for non time series data as X axis

I am new to Grafana.
I wants to plot a graph for below mentioned MySql table


Y axis as ExecutionTime and X axis as TestName or TestID.

Could someone help me on this.

Thanks in advance


Please use X-axis mode series.


Hi Marcus
I manage to plot Bar like

But I wanted to have a graph like


When I executed the below query query , I get null value for series.
could you please help me ,to plot the graph

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(ExecutedAt) as time_sec,
TestExecutionTime/1000 as value,
TestName as metric
FROM mqa_performance_msql_db01.tbl_tests
WHERE TestName=‘UserLogin’ and $__timeFilter(ExecutedAt)

You probably need to group by executedAs and testname. But it seems like your where clause are making the query match no rows?

when I exclude $__timeFilter(ExecutedAt) from the query then rows are returned but with error on panel as “Data point outside time range”

and when i add $__timeFilter(ExecutedAt) in where clause no rows are returned.

ExecutedAt are not in fix interval , does it make any difference ?

Probably timezone related. What timezone on grafana server vs mysql server? Quick workaround could be timeshift 1h

Good info @mefraimsson! Your link seems to be slightly outdated (likely due to a wording change by the webpage manager). Could you update the link to this when you get a second?

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Need to piggy-back here. I’m having a similar issue to original poster. My dataset comes back but is graphed as if each day is its own series, where I would like it treated as a single series. is there a way to accomplish this? I’m not particular about whether it’s a bar or a line graph, I just want this series to return all the same color:

you can try serier override, here I explain it briefly

How did u managed to get the “bar” chart ? … i am facing problem here

Can anyone help me how to make bar chart with the amount every month from this datas?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-29 um 20.58.37

Hi can you plz show me how u did this .