Data Visualization Problems

Grafana Version: 11.0.0
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Home 10.0.22631 N/D Compilación 22631

Hello everyone,
I’m running Grafana locally along with a MySQL database. I’ve created several dashboards that visualize data from a table in MySQL. Each dashboard has a timestamp and the variable to visualize. The problem is that it stopped displaying data after a certain time. Specifically, it only displays data from 07:07 to 07:57.

I’ve verified the connection with the MySQL database, and it’s correct. I’ve also checked the update interval, and it’s also correct. I’ve tried restarting the server, but it didn’t solve the issue.

Could you please provide some other ideas on how to solve this problem? Thank you very much, and greetings!

Do query in Grafana and the same query in another SQL client (i.e. MySQL Workbench) give different results?

I.e. you can see data from 07:07 to 07:57 in another SQL client, but can’t see it in Grafana?

Exactly, I open the table from the MySQL console and it does store the values, but when I view them in Grafana, I only see the data from 07:07 to 07:57.

please share

  1. the query you are using
  2. the date time you have chosen from the grafana date picker
  3. the interval setting

Thank you very much. This is the query. I understand that it is limited to 50:


It does not let me modify it directly, only from the JSON file with the query inspector. Thank you again.

so the 50 rexords might be from 07:07 to 07:57 1 per minute. you are not using the date time ranges

this does not seem like a grafana issue
what do you get when running this query outside if grafana in a query tool for mysql

When I created the graph, the queries were generated automatically for me. It seems that by default it only included 50 data points. I was able to modify it by removing this part of the code from the query inspector:


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