K symbol instead of thousand

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I am counting the money I spent for energy in influxdb. In Grafana I show this in a stat panel with data type currency. Once the amount exceeds 1.000€, it is shown as €1.16k.
How can I chnage this to €1160 ? I think k is not feasible for currencies.



adding a picture to make this more clear

Hi @knherzog,
You should change metric unit from short to number inside panel and then panel will show full numbers. You can also set desired number of decimals.

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Thanks, but I have it on Currency-> Euro. If I change it to numbers, I loose the € symbol.
I wonder if data type currency should use the k sign for thousands. It is not a bug, but an unusual behaviour for currencies in my opinion.

Aha! Try using custom unit - just type € into unit field and you would have € symbol after metric and grafana won’t do any calculations over metric (opposed to Currency / Euro € unit).

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I just wanted to add that custom units can be added as suffix to values with:

suffix: € 

You can even add emoji as custom unit. For copying emojis I found https://emojipedia.org/ useful since you can search for emojis and just click on copy and paste it to unit field in Grafana.

More about custom units can be found here:

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