How to remove Currency Units when displaying data with Stat Visualization

Hello All,

I have my data displayed as
Visualization - Stat,
Displaying - Last row
and override few columns unit to currency.

By default all values got applied with units like ‘K’ for thousands amount.
How can I remove the default unit as I need to show the exact number value?

Below is an example of my problem


I need to display $1600 but it shows $1.600K.

I checked the decimal option but it does not help with removing ‘K’ unit. And also, I tried with readjusting the whole panel size(by dragging and giving sufficient spacing for the columns), but it doesn’t help as well.

Please suggest.


Instead of using a unit, you can add a prefix of $ and then display the raw value.

The intention was to keep the column integer or number type, so that numeric filters can be applied like asc or desc by values.