Issues with Enum type in Convert field type transformation in 10.3.3


Recently we have upgraded Grafana from version 10.0.0 to 10.3.3. Here, I am facing an issue with “Convert field type” transformation. I have pasted the old behavior and the new behavior.

In 10.0.0 Convert field type transformation on selecting Enum

[ [ “URL1”, “URL2” ] ] => URL1,URL2

whereas in 10.3.3 Convert field type transformation on selecting Enum (no effect)

[ [ “URL1”, “URL2” ] ] => [ [ “URL1”, “URL2” ] ]

I would like to get the same format as in 10.0.0 where I would get the list of URLs as a comma separated value, how can I achieve this in 10.3.3 ?

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Welcome to the forum.

Can you show us your transformation and the debug? You can use screenshots.


Thank you for the quick response.

Below are the screenshots.

Transformation in 10.0.0

Transformation in 10.3.3

Debug Transformation in 10.0.0

Debug Transformation in 10.3.3