Transform in tables does not work

After upgrading to 7.0.1, the transform does not work in the tables - error - An unexpected error happened, TypeError: Cannot read property ‘data’ of null.
After returning to 7.0.0 everything works.

I found this error yesterday and the devs already know about it. It is a bug introduced in v7.0.1 and it will apparently be fixed in v7.0.2

Or you can download the nightly builds currently this is the latest pre release:

This still doesn’t work. I’m trying to hide fields in a table using Organize Fields. Running on Graf 7.0.2 and clicking Transform -> Organize fields does nothing. Using Promql as data source. Please advise!

According to the github issue this was due to be fixed in 7.0.2 but actually was not fixed until 7.0.3 so you will need to update to 7.0.3 or later (currently 7.1.1 is latest release). Issue details here:

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