Is that possible for me to display multiple values through the singlestat panle?


I am now using promethues+snmp_exporter to monitor my network devices,i want to use grafana to display the status of the fans of the switch.But for some switches , for instance , cisco 3650. it has three fans, that is why is shows no value when i select a 3650,is there any way to achieve the function through the singlestat panel? such as the repeat panel and so on? i have no idea, i have tried to use graph,it does work, but that is not i wanted



Your correct that the singlestat panel only allow one value to be visualized. With repeat panel you have to use a template variable, could work but don’t sound lika a viable solution for your use case.

Maybe this plugin can help you support your use case?



i’ve noticed this plugin,but it seems that it does not support prometheus,but i’ve found the other way to solve my issue,thanks for your reply~


Could you please explain what’s the other way to solve this?