Multiple Graph on the same panel of the same series

Hi All,
first of all I’m new with Grafana and I’m using it to display power consumption.
The “series”, for now, is composed by the voltage value measured every 10s with a Raspberry and a SDM120, the database is InfluxDB.
I’ve been able to build a dashboard with a panel (line type) and 3 singlestat “gauge” that report current voltage, min voltage and max voltage.
I would like to add to the “line graph” a “red point” that highlights the max voltage and one for the min voltage.
I added a “B” query (SELECT max(“value”) FROM “voltage” WHERE time >= now() - 1h) and tried to “add override” in the “series overrides” but the only result that I had is to change color to the existing graph.
How can I have a second graph on the same panel?
Thank you, regards.


Hello Roberto,

I hope I have correctly understood your question. In one panel you can include several queries to display different values ​​in the same panel. Also, you have something called points in the graph configuration, on “visualization” - “Draw Modes”

Thanks for the reply.
I just found the solution myself…it was my mistake !
I didn’t type an “alias name” in the “B” query (metrics page) so I was able to select only the query “A” that had the “alias” typed.
After I completed the “alias” field and added the “override”, the second graph appeared.