Repeating SingleStat Panel with multiple queries

I am building a dashboard that has 2 query variables (from influxDB). The defaulted values are all for both. The dashboard has a single stat panel repeated for storeid. When all is selected for storeid and status, it displays correctly as shown below:

However, when I select only one value for status, the dashboard shows correct (sort of) but panels are not being hidden. Both query values are shown as: include all/include mutiple values.

The query itself is written as below: SELECT overallstatus FROM “summary_data” WHERE storeid =~ /^storeid/ and overallstatusstr =~ /^status/

In second case, I do not wish to show stores where status is not one of selected. How do I achieve this?

Since only one variable can be used in Repeat, the display is correct. Changing the variable in repeat to status would show the desired result for exactly this selection but would cause problems elsewhere.

Another solution would be to use repeating rows. Select your status variable for repeating the rows and the store variable for repeating the panels.

This should result in 3 rows (OK, Warn, Failed) under which the stores with this status are displayed.

Another visualization but no more N/A stores.


Thanks @mgrimm. I have tried your suggestion but still get something like this:

Am i Missing something in my query?