Repeat Panel Query based on variable

In one graph panel, I would like to repeat a query (query A, query B, etc) based on a multi value variable. I know I can repeat the panel based on the variable, but I’d rather have query repeat in the same panel so all the values are plotted in the same graph panel.

The basic syntax for my query is: SELECT column_name FROM $variable_name

Is this possible?


You’re exactly right that with ‘repeat’ turned on in a panel, you’ll get one panel for each unique value.

Your example is pretty abstract, tough to get your direction, but the following URLs:

…show how to use wild cards (aka regex) to kinda behave like multiple queries. If that’s not helpful, perhaps provide a little more detail on what you’re after.


Hi @nkoetje
I am also trying to repeat queries for multiple values in the same panel instead of panel repetition.
Did you find any solution for the issue ?

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