Repeat panels in Scenes

Is there a way to have something similar to repeating panels in Grafana Dashboards in Scenes?
In Grafana Dashboards I would use repeat by variable option. I am curious what would be the equivalent in the Scenes framework.

I have a mySQL datasource and a variable with n values.

const gpus = new QueryVariable({
  name: 'gpu',
  label: 'gpu',
  datasource: SQL_DATASOURCE,
  query: 'SELECT Name from Gpu',
  sort: 1,
  isMulti: true,
  includeAll: true

And for every value of selected variable I want a different panel.
My goal is to use a single query in queryRunner.

Hi, I’m facing a similar challenge. I was wondering if you were able to find a solution or any insights that you wouldn’t mind sharing. Any help or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, after posting here I also posted an issue in the official github repository

and it has been closed 2 days ago with a promising pull request which seems to solve this issue. As of now it has not been included in a release, but I expect it to be very shortly. There is also a demo showcasing the usage