Not getting singlestat panel in grafana

hi grafana team
I have a grafana dashboard which shows volume graphs for two volumes.when i select multiple volume in the drop down i get multiple series error for singlestat panel. So i want to separetely show singlestat panel for individual volumes but i dont want to hardcode it in query and if i select multiple volumes then how will i get singlestat value for individual volumes.
Anybody please help.


You’re probably want to implement repeating panels, see documentation.


thanks @mefraimsson .
My usecase is i want a bar which shows used volume and remaining volume (2 queries)stacked in one bar itself. and like that there are multiple series.
But the values from query 2 don’t stack on the values from query 1, each query stacks individually, but i dont want that. can you tell me how to do this its urgent.


Singlestat panel only supports rendering the result of one query. That’s why I was suggesting using the repeating panels feature which you can enable in your singlestat panel and it will then render a singlestat panel for each value of the variable you selected.

If not repeating panels is sufficient for you I would suggest you to use the graph panel instead where you can render as bars and stack them.


i am using graph panel only.but not able to get desired result

I want the total and used to come in same bucket and and same thing for two buckets for two volumes.

Okay so excuse me for being a bit confused. In your first post you said that you had problems with multiple series error in singlestat panel.

So is this a new problem you have? Could you include a screenshot that highlights the problem and possibly also your queries and stack configuration.


Yes my usecase is that. first i thought of using singlestat panel but that didnt work so i chose to go for graphs.
I want to display volume capacity for multiple volumes in a bar graph.
in which each bucket shows used and remaining. and like this for every series i want the buckets.
my queries are

Ah okay so you’re using X-Axis=Series. Then Grafana don’t supports stacking/combining values from multiple queries.

Since I see you’re using prometheus you may be able to use one query, something like

{__name__=~"^OpenEBS_logical_(size|used)$", openebs_pv=~"OpenEBS"}

You still have to use labels with this to distinguish between total and used - maybe {name} as label can work?

Would it sufficient to display volume left? In that case you can do one query and subtract total query - used query.

Good luck


Thanks i will try doing this.:slightly_smiling_face:

@mefraimsson I am using a query something like this {__name__=~"OpenEBS_(actual_used|size_of_volume)",openebs_pv=~"$OpenEBS"}
to get two values actual used and total size of a volume from single query but it is giving

  "status": "error",
  "errorType": "execution",
  "error": "unrecognised seriesRangeKey version: '6'",
  "message": "unrecognised seriesRangeKey version: '6'"

actually grafana doesnot allow stacking of two queries but if two values comes from single query it should stack.Need your help in solving this error.


Please try and run the following query in prometheus UI first:


What result do you get when looking at the console tab?


It is giving no data :fearful:
Error executing query: server returned HTTP status 400 Bad Request

Then there is where you should start investigating your problem. You can start with doing the two queries separately

But if i do two queries separetely how will i combine them in single?

I meant. Start in prometheus UI with two separate queries:



What result do you get when looking at the console tab for respective query? Can you include screenshots?

First after that we can start looking into combining these into one query