Summarise multiple panels in 1

So I have a number of fairly typical panels (CPU usage, RAM, HDD activity etc.) which show red / orange / green depending on their values. What I would like is a single panel that sits above these which combines the results of the above to give an overall “Okay” status.

E.G. If RAM is in the green, CPU is in the green and HDD activity is green, then the summary box will be green. Likewise if anything is red or amber the summary box will show red.

Ideally I want to achieve this directly inside Grafana rather than Prometheus so I can use data from difference sources.

I have tried running multiple queries in one singlestat panel, with a view to getting “1” for each individual aspect that is correct, and then summing that number to see if all are 1, but this results in the usual “multiple dataset” error for a singlestat, and would also mean repeating the query I have already written elsewhere

Although I don’t have any experience with this plugin, it seems to have the functionality you are looking for:

Thanks Tfischer330, I’ll look into this now :slight_smile:

I did start to get somewhere due to someone who helped out on StackOverflow, but it seems that a quirk with how Prometheus processes queries is preventing me from getting any further… what I have observed is that:

(node_filesystem_size_bytes{fstype=~"ext4|vfat"} > bool 50)

Works fine, as does

(node_memory_MemTotal_bytes > bool 50)

But adding them together does not:

(node_memory_MemTotal_bytes > bool 50) + (node_filesystem_size_bytes{fstype=~"ext4|vfat"} > bool 50)

Even though adding together two related variables (both memory) works fine:

(node_memory_MemTotal_bytes > bool 50) + (node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes> bool 50)