countSeries function in Single Stat panel


Using Grafana with graphite as data source and one of our metrics looks like the following


The metrics can have 3 value, 0,1,2 each one of these metrics means something to us. have about 1000 servers for this query

I am trying to get counts for every number on a single stat panel, for example

countSeries(currentAbove(servers.*.status, 1.1)) to get us count of servers reporting 2.

This is working just fine when there is servers reporting 2 but when there is no servers reporting 2, count function seems to have a problem because currentabove is returning no data points so the single stat is giving server error

Any thoughts on this ? any work around that I am not aware off?

Thanks in advance
Thank you

Attaching the error on the Singlestat panel when using countSeries() function after currentAbove() filtering our all series as they are not matching