Count number of time series with specific value

i have 20 time series which return the status of a production machine. Now i want to visualize how many machines where in a specific state in the graph panel for example how many machines had an error or how many where in production.

The time series return integer values like 2,4 or 8. and i want to count only those which have been in number 2. How is this possible?

I use Grafana 7.5 with influxDB 2.0

Hi @patse

Can I ask a favor? Can you show your table using the table plugin, and then take a screenshot? It would be helpful if we could see what your data looks like and how you’d like to transform it…

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sorry for my late reply. I was ill and could not answer.

As an example i’m going to use only two machines. The first one has data like this:

The second set of data looks like this:

The numbers represent a state e.g. Filling, Pumping or production
What i want to know is how many of my machines are in a specific state at any given time and show this information in the graph panel.
So with 20 machines i expect something like 14 are in the state 1;16 or 32
and 6 machines are in the other states.

Is this somehow possible?

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