Internal error when trying to submit a new plugin for grafana

I’m trying to submit my cubism plugin.
I checked that the URL are valid and I tried to specify the sha1 manually without any success

Hi @matgrafana - could you share the details of the error?

I wish but the error is very general: An internal error occured.
Capture d’écran du 2024-03-25 08-01-23

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Looking in the console I can see that a request to was returning a 500 error code.

The JSON payload was:
{“downloadUrls”:{“any”:{“url”:“",“checksum”:“3ee525d6c759c43700f7bca212f493da”}},“sourceCodeUrl”:“”,“testDescription”:"Using the provisioned dashboard (/d/b6610ab3-816b-4649-9909-a6bf32605b8b/provisioned-cubism-grafana-panel-dashboard?orgId=1) just open them and you should be able to see the plugin in working order.”,“isProvisioningProvided”:true,“isAffiliated”:“0”,“isCommercial”:“0”}

We’re still investigating the issue and will provide an update when we know more, thank you for reporting!

Hi @matgrafana your submission is failing because your plugin ID doesn’t have a valid organization ID. When created through create-plugin tool the plugin ID has the following pattern: <ord-id>-<plugin-name>-<plugin-type>. Your plugin ID is cubismgrafana-panel, our validation is taking cubismgrafana as an org-id, which doesn’t exist. Please fix your plugin ID and try the submission again. Your organization ID should be the same one that you’re using to submit your plugin. If you don’t know yours, you can find it in the plugin submission page url:<org-id>/plugins.

Please follow the instructions from Get started | Grafana Plugin Tools when creating your plugin; and the instructions from Package a plugin | Grafana Plugin Tools to create your submission package.

Hey @hugooshiro,
I changed the org id in the plugin to match my org id (ie. ekacnet) and it’s working.
The plugin submission is working.
Now I’m just waiting for the review.
Thanks for the support.