Error in plugin signature - parameter "--rootUrls"

I’m creating my first community plugin and when following the steps provided in the link “Sign a plugin | Grafana documentation”, I receive a message stating that the “–rootUrls” parameter is missing. However, I don’t see the point in providing a URL since my plugin is community-based.
My plugin has no backend

Print error:
I created the GRAFANA_API_KEY around here.

Hey :wave: are you looking to sign this as a community or private plugin? Also could you confirm this (quoted from docs):

  1. Make sure that the first part of the plugin ID matches the slug of your Grafana Cloud account.You can find the plugin ID in the plugin.json file inside your plugin directory. For example, if your account slug is acmecorp, you need to prefix the plugin ID with acmecorp-.

The type of subscription is community.

hi @services5106 is your plugin already published? if you haven’t published the first version of your plugin you won’t be able to sign it yet. you should first send your plugin to review.

you can see this same problem explained in this section of the docs Sign a plugin | Grafana documentation

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