Unable to submit community plugin for review


I have been trying to submit a community plugin for review via Grafana Cloud Portal by following these instructions. However, I keep getting “Internal Server Error” when I click Submit button.

I am attaching a screenshot for reference. I have already tried multiple times with different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and I keep getting same error.

Could you please look into it and tell me if I am doing anything wrong?


Hi @mahendrapaipuri the first thing I can ask to try is to use a zip file as indicated in the form. It seems you are providing a tar.gz which is not supported.

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Cheers @academo for such a rapid response. I will change it to zip and retry.

Yes, @academo that was the issue.

I figured out that plugin name has to start with Grafana cloud org name which is not mentioned explicitly in docs.


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Thanks @mahendrapaipuri for sharing this, to help us improve our documentation - could you highlight on which pages you would’ve expected to see this? It is called out here, but that is a fairly hidden page unless you follow all the links.

Hello @davidharris, Cheers for the pointer.

Yes, I have not created the plugin from @grafana/create-plugin@latest, probably that is why I missed the detail.

Myself, I have been looking into the plugin.json schema and the description of id is currently as “Unique name of the plugin. If the plugin is published on grafana.com, then the plugin id has to follow the naming conventions”. If it mentions that id should be of format <orgname>-<pluginname>-<plugintype>, it would be easy as this description will pop up in VSCode when we hover on id in JSON file.

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@mahendrapaipuri if you didn’t use create-plugin may I ask how did you bootstrap your plugin?

Well, I have been looking into plugin examples and started to work on my plugin using one example as my base.

Btw, those examples are very well done. Although it is the first time I am working on a Grafana plugin, those examples really helped me to quickly understand the plugin eco-system. Thanks for creating and maintaining them.