Internal Error when I submit a panel plugin for publishing

I’ve written a new panel plugin for flowcharts. When I try and publish it as per Publish or update a plugin | Grafana Plugin Tools

the ‘Submit’ button just returns an ‘Internal Error’. The console log isn’t really any more helpful. I’ve tried rebooting, I’ve tried with the firewall off. I’ve tried asking the bot for help but not had an answer for over two days…

Is that link still the correct way to submit a panel plugin for publication?

I was going to add what I’d entered into the submit screen but as a new user I’m only allowed two links in my question…

Hi@andymchugh - are you able to share a screenshot of the values you added for the form in a comment?

with the zip url being andrewbmchugh-flow-panel/ at ver_1.0.0 · andymchugh/andrewbmchugh-flow-panel · GitHub

I wasn’t totally sure what they were after with the md5 field so i got that hash from doing:


with the expanded ‘Internal Error’ I get back in log being:

I think the URL needs to be a direct download URL for the zip such as

Assuming this resolves for you we’ll look at making this clearer and handling the error better.

David, you are a star! Thank you so much :slight_smile: That worked.

No problem at all, glad you’ve got it working!