Install standalone .tar.gz without internet access

I am trying to install Grafana with the tar.gz package and so far it is installed and working. I did follow the steps on :

But my problem is at step 2 . I need to type:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload  
sudo systemctl start grafana-server 
sudo systemctl status grafana-server

if I execute

sudo systemctl start grafana-server

I get

"Failed to start grafana-server.service: Unit grafana-server.service not found."

It happens the same with status. I get following error:

Unit grafana-server.service could not be found.

Should I create the file?


If yes, which parameters should be included inside?

Is there any workarround to start the service when server starts?


hello, try to locate the file named grafana-server inside your project folder /bin and execute it with terminal like, ./grafana-server and it will run ( and you have to keep the terminal to run the server )