Installation Issue under Manjaro Linux

I have installed Grafana from Pamac (Software manager of Manjaro and Arch linux), and after the installation, I run: sudo systemctl start grafana-server and I got the next error:
Failed to start grafana-server.service: Unit grafana-server.service not found.
The files are located in:
Help me.

Thank you

If you look in the list of files you will see that the service file is called grafana.service, not grafana-server.service. The filename to use is up to the packager.

Did that help at all?


Thanks for your support. Effectively, the name is Grafana.service. It works very well.
I used this commands:

  • sudo systemctl start grafana.service
  • In the web browser http://localhost:3000
  • sudo systemctl restart grafana.service (if it gets stuck)
  • sudo systemctl stop grafana.service (after finished working)



Thanks your situation assisted with solving my situation with Linux Manjaro. However after installing and switching off my laptop and trying to login back into Grafana I have to keep executing the below command to get login to Grafana, each time I’m met with an error/ no connection page in my browser (chrome or Firefox).
" sudo systemctl start grafana.service"

I think I’m missing the console setup step to to allow Grafana by default to activate once my machine turns on, however I’m not sure. Could you point me in the right direction or documentation?

Much appreciated