Grafana install


i try to install grafana.
I followed the tutorial but i don’t understand step
" The grafana-server binary needs the working directory to be the root install directory where the binary and the public folder are located.

Start Grafana by running:

./bin/grafana-server web

I don't have grafana directory in "/bin". I have only file grafana-server or -cli in /usr/sbin

i using redhat enterprise 8.3

can u help me please ?


Hello, the instructions to install Grafana on RHEL is here: Install on RPM-based Linux | Grafana Labs and the download page is: Download Grafana | Grafana Labs

Let us know if these topics help you solve the issues.

Thank you.


thanks for reply.
i know your link and i followed this

i have problems with the end of tutorial install

in the page’s bottom

Start Grafana by running:

./bin/grafana-server web


Did you install using :

sudo yum install grafana

In this case you should use systemctl, otherwise if you used the tar file, you will find a bin directory with grafana-server inside the extracted package.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

ok i didnt understand that. Yes i used yum (in sudo user) and systemctl :wink:
but i cant acces [serveripadress:3000]
i opened 3000 port in firewall

What does

curl localhost:3000



In fact i didn’t started grafane-server
sorry sorry sorry :wink:

But i can’t “enable”
update-rc.d: error: no runlevel symlinks to modify, aborting!


Check this discussion :

Good Luck