How use a existing RESTful API that response JSON data as a data source


I am trying to connect my existing RESTfull API with JSON data response to Grafana dashboard to create some graphs. How do I do this?
I have done some research and found SimpleJson addon, but this require changes in my back-end API. Is there any other way to do this other then SimpleJson addon.


I tried the same think with REST API on Cisco Prime Infrastrcuture but this is not the good way !
Obviously you do the same approach :frowning:
There are so many change that you must to do on your back-end API ?

Is there a progress in connection of RESTfull API with JSON response?

are you looking for this - Implementing Grafana SimpleJson Datasource using SparkJava microframework ?

well , if the API is not responding in the format that Grafana needs, 1 option is do use AjaxPanel plugin and attach it to your custom graph panel

Thanks for the link, i have to evaluate …