How to use value groups/tags feature?

Hello, i am using grafana 5.3.1, running on ubuntu 16 server, and i use elasticsearch as datasource with index of metricbeat, creating simple variables “hosts” will give me a list of lets say 50 servers, which is cool and works with my dashboard, i have dynamic rows dashboard that will show me info depending on how much servers i selected.

I found out about the tag feature, which seems cool but how does it work if it all?
Lets say out of the 50 servers, i have some pizza01 pizza02 pizza03, instead of selecting each one, how could i create a “pizza” tag that has value of those 3 servers?

In the tags place, you have 2 query fields, tags query and tags values query, but i don’t understand how i can use those 2 queries to create a custom tag with custom servers applied to them?

Please note i am pretty new at grafana and at elasticsearch, so i will be glad to see explanation in details with examples, exact example of query etc.

The query i use to get values of all servers: {"find: “terms”, “field”: “beat:hostname”}


hey @grishade,
I have a similar problem with you, were you able to find a solution and use the feature?