Value Groups/Tags with predefined values


I’m trying to group certain values and use an arbitrary group name as the tag in variable filters (something similar to Kibana filtering).
For example, I have 10 locations, 5 in London, 5 in Berlin, each with its own IP. That IP is pulled from an IP field in ElasticSearch, but ElasticSearch doesn’t have the location name stored with it.
Is it possible to group these IPs in Grafana and give it a name (London and Berlin) and use these names as Tags for filtering?

Versions: Grafana 4.6.3, ES 5.6


Basically what I’m trying to achieve is this:
with backend and fakesite being my own groups, created within Grafana (not pulled from a database).

OK, let me try a different approach, without Tags.

Is there at least a way to add Labels to variable values? In a similar way that can already be done in Graph filters:

Hi @sajgon

Did you find solution for this issue. I am facing same situation in elastic search


Try multiple query…
Add new query you can add Alias

Query A: add in te Query field : netflow.ip4_src_add : Alias: Berlin
Query B: add in te Query field : netflow.ip4_src_add : Alias: London
and remove the filter in the Group by, just let the Date Histogram