Grafana help with Value groups/tags


I’m having problems with the value group/tags configuration in Grafana. My data source is Prometheus.

I have defined in several targets the label with the name “enviroment” that contains names like “group1” “group2”…

This means that when I select the target value I need to be able to view all the metrics of the hosts where I have defined this label.

This is the configuration of the variable that I use to display all the host metrics:

The problem I have here is that I am able to visualize the name of the tags correctly but not get the value. I don’t know what I should put inside the “tag values query”:

I have tried many different ways after looking for information but none of them have worked for me.

Could you please tell me how to get the value when I select in my dashboard the name “group1” for example?

Captura de pantalla de 2020-09-22 11-54-461111111

Thanks in advance.