How to resolve the web socket connection issue in Grfana dashboard

Hi Team,

We are using Grafana comm edition for Dashboard activities , query, visualize, alert on, and explore your metrics, logs, and traces in Datalab System for Unilever.

As understood Grafana is installed via the Prometheus Helm chart. The expected route to view the dashboard is via the webapp, where the auth-proxy is set, and valid users can edit the dashboard.

So currently we have upgraded Prometheus to 33.1.0 (kube-prometheus-stack-33.1.0).

Also the Grafana run behind reverse proxy with ingress nginx controller in a AKS cluster - Container based environment.

And we are facing issues with Grafana after upgrade from 7.2.1 to 8.0.1 version. There is also a ticket raised with following ID (#47786)

We are getting Web socket connections failure in the Browser Debugger console while launching Grafana as shown. ( wss:// )

  • We tried making changes in nginx.conf and the Grafana.ini files but it same and not sure on the attribute or flag to set up in the which File.

Requesting your swift response to help us in identifying and resolving the issue as it is having an impact .

Please let us know if you need more information or can get in a call to fix this issue.

References : ( WebSocket connection failed. Error in browser console, since Grafana version 8.0.4 )

Issue . WebSocket connection failed. Error in browser console, since Grafana version 8.0.4

Not really sure if my issue is the same. The issue we are having is that the annotations are not working and there is a console error that seems to be related and says firefox can not establish a connection to a wss endpoint on our grafana server. Seems really silly that the one thing that is using wss is the annotations, which seem like the least streamable thing on our dashboard. Please just don’t use streaming for annotations or something? We don’t have to support web sockets for any other reason and this seems to be not important enough, but seems like a silly thing anyway.