How to plot line chart with string value on x axis (not time)

I have a store procedure in mysql which return me below data like

Location : MonthName : expense
Hyd :JUN : 560
RO hyd :JUN : 200
Campus1 : JUN : 45
Hyd :JULY : 60
RO hyd : JULY: 605
Campus1 : JULY: 54

I want to draw two line charts again my JUN and July months for my various locations, while calling this SP i am getting “Found no column named time or time_sec”.
I also try to convert monthname allies to time, or time_sec(as studied on forum to provide time or time_sec column) but error still exsist.
Is that possible to draw string value at x axis in chart Graph like
or i have to look for other graph panel plugins.
my grafana version is v7.0.1 (ef5b586d7d)
Please guide,