Line Chart having date on both axis

Grafana version v9.3.1 and OS - Windows 10

I want to create a Line Chart in which X-axis contain timestamp and Y-axis should contain another column having some date.

I tried using Timeseries chart type and in Format of Query i use table because timeseries format in query is giving error saying :
convert value to float failed: metricIndex 1 type *time.Time can’t be converted to float

But now in table format i am not getting error but now i am facing issue in visualization as “Value1” column in data type is date but instead I am getting it as unix_timestamp format

I want the x-axis should also looks similar to y-axis

Database - MySQL
Query - SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(timestamp) as “time”, PlannedDate as “Value1” FROM Table1 WHERE $__timeFilter(timestamp) and ID = 1
GROUP BY 1 , 2

I tried using Graph(Old) plugin also but then I am not getting correct values on Y-axis

Could you please help in getting this issue resolve…

Thanks you.

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I had success by using a UNIX_TIMESTAMP(…) on the X axis and (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(…)*1000) on the Y axis.

The MySQL query of the database table wi_dates which contains, among others, one column with date strings like ‘2023-08-09’

SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(datestamp) as time, (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(datestamp)*1000) as value
FROM wi_dates;

therefore shows a linear line as in the image below when the formatting of the Y axis has been selected to be Date & timeDatetime ISO. To me, it seems therefore, as on the Y axis, we need to deliver ms rather than s since unix start time.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 215153