Time Series Help


Im really struggling with the time-series graph… Per the feature release details it looks like it has the ability to do everything I want to do, yet cant seem to make it happen. For instance, would love to create multiple x-axis + y axis per below but having trouble even generating a single y value per multiple x. Please help. Mysql below generates correct x metrics and time-range, and value range looks good on y axis, but the y values/lines (count(*)) arent populating

date(timestamp) as time,
count(*) as value
completed_transaction c
inner join associate a on
a.id = c.accomplice_associate_id
receiving_status_id in (3,6)
and transaction_type_id in (1,12)
group by DATE_FORMAT(timestamp, ‘%y-%m’),
and $__timeFilter(timestamp)


but I doubt grafana can do multiple x-axis

even in your screenshot = link: How the new time series panel brings major performance improvements and new visualization features to Grafana 7.4 | Grafana Labs
it is stated for “multiple y axis” and none about “multiple x axis”
it is true grafana (time series) can do multiple y-axis