Plot non-time columns on X axis, their values on Y axis

I have 24 columns (from january 2021 to december 2022) which have integer values. I want to plot a graph which has each column on the X axis and it’s content for that value on the Y axis.

This is the SQL Content my query currently returns

and this is the query I am using currently:
SELECT JAN_21, FEB_21, MAR_21, APR_21, MAY_21, JUN_21, JUL_21, AUG_21, SEP_21, OCT_21, NOV_21, DEC_21, JAN_22, FEB_22, MAR_22, APR_22, MAY_22, JUN_22, JUL_22, AUG_22, SEP_22, OCT_22, NOV_22, DEC_22 from [dbo].[table] where phase = ‘Phase 1’ and region = ‘Global Planned’ or region = ‘Global Actual’

Does anybody have any idea how to achieve this in Grafana?
Thank you for your time!

Hi @sederfo and welcome to the forum :wave:

It sounds like you might want to try using our new Bar chart visualization: