How to import grafana.db into new Grafana

Hello Grafana’s folk!

I have backuped grafana.db file which I would like to import into new Grafana. Is there way how to do it? I tried just copy grafana.db into new Grafana and it works - I see all datasources, users and tree of dashboards. But cannot display any dashboard. It writes me: Error while checking if dashboard is provisioned.

Is there way how to fix it?

Another way what I know is to export dashboard table and paste dashboards one by one. But I have a lot of dashboards and that’s too much work… brrrr. :]]

Have you got it solved

No exactly. But I think I know where I did mistake. I run backup on live Grafana. And there could be some locks on SQlite DB which disabled restore process. In this time I’m running whole FS backup but the FS is mounted to docker sidecar with RO permission. Now the restore is possible.