Dashboard & grafana.db

I had Grafana installed under Home Assistant. Since I restored a backup, it no longer runs.
Now I want to install Grafana with Docker on my Synlogy.

Unfortunately all dashboards are now still gone. No one can export them from the old Grafana.db as json so I can import them again?


Was the backup from the same version of grafana that you are trying to restore to?

Yes the same version 8.0.2

Did you restore it to the same folder and restart grafana service?

Can you check and see what your log says

hi there.
when you backing up grafana.db, there all dashboards are backing up too…

for that you need to upload again that file and it will be work…

for docker you can set it with docker volume or copy …

grafana.db location is = /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db

and restart service like = systemctl restart grafana-server