dashboard disappears

Good morning,
i installed the grafana and influxdb docker image on my diskstation 918+, worked well, i thought …
I have created a dashboard, set it up.
At the next login the dashboard was gone, I thought I didn’t save it.
Re-created 100% saved, a few hours later everything disappeared again. Does anyone have an idea why that is

Did you configure persistent storage for Grafana container? Doc: https://grafana.com/docs/installation/docker/#grafana-container-with-persistent-storage-recommended

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I’ve installed Grafana for some POC purposes, using the default sqllite db. While we had prepared some of the dashboards, yesterday when I powered on to check for some of the Dashboards, I could only see the dashboards in Org1, which is the default Org. Also it’s not letting me in to login and I hope the another Org I created is gone. Also I’m not able to see the Datasources that were configured.

When I try to login into the DB it throws the message as below:

sudo sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
sudo: sqlite3: command not found

Grafana Version: v6.7.3

Any help is appreciated.