All our dashboards disappeared

Hi all,
I’m very new to grafana so please forgive me if I’m missing required information.
One of our former employees have used grafana and created several dashboards for us to monitor our production environment in AWS by connecting it to Prometheus.
Several days ago, when we tried accessing the dashboards, we noticed that they completely disappeared.
We haven’t performed any changes whatsoever and by searching this problem in the web, I couldn’t find some guidance to what could have happened and how to restore our dashboards.
Please guide me to what information is required in order to better understand the situation and assist us.

Thanks in advance,


Someone else posted a similar issue. Is your grafana in docker?

Hi, I couldn’t find similar issues here. Perhaps you can guide me to the one you saw?
We have a basic python code running on an ec2 to collect metrics for Prometheus and it is defined as the data source. As I didn’t setup grafana, I’m not quite sure how it is deployed. How can I understand that?

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