Dashboard data disappear

Hi all.

noob at Grafana, so excuse the question. trying to figure out why my dashboard is behaving as is.

I have a API endpoint located in AWS (Python/Flask).
The API is decorated with prometheus instrumentation.
when I call the API endpoint from my local machine (I have a ton load generator), I can see the metrics recorded in Prometheus TSDB, so I got data flowing… I can also use the prometheus query interface to show the metrics purely increment, aka total count numbers and I can also show a rate(metric[15s]) view and have it refresh, and even after my load has ended, I can configure my query to show say the last 24hours and then see those transactions.

however in prometheus, while I’m generating load, I can see the graph on the dashboard, but as soon as my load stops, the graph disappears, and if i zoom out, to a 24 hour I don’t see the rate<…> view anymore either.

Deployment of Grafana is as part of Kube-Prometheus deployment as per: kube-prometheus/manifests at v0.6.0 · prometheus-operator/kube-prometheus · GitHub

thank you