How do we ask for help

Ok… so I’m asking how as I’ve asked for assistance and not a single response…

We a community but it seems seeing someone stuck has impact on others.
Have issues, don’t know if it’s me (expecting something that should not be anyhow) or my environment or the way the code is instrumented, proper case of don’t know what I don’t know.


You have wrong expectation: this is a community forum, so nobody here has a obligation to provide answer and also if answer is provided then it may not be correct.

So you may get an answer/support here. If you must get an answer/support, then you will need to buy a product/support (e.g. paid Grafana Enterprise/Pro from Grafana Labs).

You can still increase your chance to get answer here by asking good question. Stackoverflow has good guide about it How do I ask a good question? - Help Center - Stack Overflow
Your question is definitely not a good question. For example there is no reproducible example, so many people (me included) will skip it instead of asking for more details (that is only a wasting of times when op can provide it in the first place).

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ye so much for this being a community of like minded people there to try and help each other, having each make Grafana a success for themself, widening the usage.

As for my case. its a straight forward metric that I’m showing, where the line disappears at times between refreshes, I have a 2nd dashboard where I’ve done rate(metric[5s]) where while the load is running it is showing the line graph, the second when it stops the graph disappears, instead of being there, but at fist refresh it shows the load 1 min in the past, then 2 min ago, then 3… as it goes further in the history.
and ye… everyone has day one of a POC gone and bought enterprise support… some times that is just not afforded to a POC, more like show us it works and then we will invest in it… during which time you hope a community might be helpful.

my bad.

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