Missing dashboards after organisation name change

Hi There

We have recently lost visibility of some of our dashboards. We made a change to the organisation names to make them more logical but after this about 10 - 12 of our dashboards disappeared. Has anyone seen this before and is there away to get the back.

When trying to access one of the missing dashboards we see the Grafana interface but a an orange message at the top saying “Problem! Dashboard not found”

When viewing the stats for our Grafana installation I can see that the total number of dashboards is still 19 so they are theoretically still there.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try to check your dashboard table in DB, maybe something was missed:

select o.id, o.name, slug from dashboard d, org o where o.id=d.org_id;

Check the org of disappeared dashboards.


I’ve installed Grafana for some POC purposes, using the default sqllite db. While we had prepared some of the dashboards, yesterday when I powered on to check for some of the Dashboards, I could only see the dashboards in Org1, which is the default Org. Also it’s not letting me in to login and I hope the another Org I created is gone. Also I’m not able to see the Datasources that were configured.

When I try to login into the DB it throws the message as below:

sudo sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
sudo: sqlite3: command not found

Grafana Version: v6.7.3

Any help is appreciated.