Failed to open and save dashboard after migrate

Hi =)

Today I migrate InfluxDb and Grafana from an old server (was 5.1.4 ver) to new (update to 5.2.4 ver), into Docker (my first docker experience).
I copied grafana.db from old to new, set owner 472:472 to data and db-file.

After login to a new Grafana- a see the folders and dashboards from old, but when I tried to open any dashboard - I see only “Error while checking if dashboard is provisioned”.
And when I create a new Dashboard (I see data and chart), but I can’t save it - “Failed to save dashboard”

May be sqlite3 root-password (default, I didn’t change it) not equals in config (5.2.4 ver) and grafana.db (from 5.1.4ver).