How to display time-series data from multiple columns from InfluxDB on Grafana?

Hello, I am new to Grafana and InfluxDB in general so forgive me if this question sounds “noobish”.

I have created a database named “TA_Dis” and a measurement named “onofflampu” whose content look like this:

I want to display k1, k2, k3, k4, and k5 to the graph in Grafana, however the data just won’t show up even though I have set the correct time window. To test, I just want to display the column k1 first. From the query inspector, my query looks like this:

"SELECT "k1" FROM "onofflampu" WHERE time >= 1548832576000ms and time <= 1548843376074ms"

This is the query editor:

The result is just a blank graph with the text “No data points”

I have searched other forums but unfortunately I was unable to find the solution.
Any kind of help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

I am running both Grafana and InfluxDB on Windows 7 (SP1)
The Grafana version I’m using is v. 5.4.3, and the InfluxDB version is v. 1.7.3

@lulumomo Have you fixed this? I have similar issues more information at How to Display values on top of SVG diagram image with InfluxDB Data Source in Grafana 7.0 in Windows?

Hey guys, did you find any solution or workaround for this task? I have similar problem, described here How to render multi-column data table as Graph by each column as separate line? and can’t find how to solve it…