Joining multiple InlfuxDB series as table in Grafana

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

  • I am trying to plot the InfluxDB series on Grafana as a table.

  • I am trying to plot the series using the Time series and Graph panel.

  • it coming as a table but I am trying to join two series

  • It should plot on table and tags, fields should come as a column.

  • InfluxDB dashboard. four columns are coming.

For the same query, the Grafana panel shows this result.

as you can see in Grafana. It showing as multiple series.

Is there anyway we can plot same like InfluxDB?

Hello @gautamravikant6,

Can you share your query? Are you using flux or InfluxQL?
With flux I’ve managed to this with the schema.fieldsAsCols() function.

On the other hand you can try and use the Grafana Transformations (I think “Outer Join” might help in this case).