How to render multi-column data table as Graph by each column as separate line?

How can I transform tabled data to Grafana’s graph with separate line for each column?

I have custom transformations, which in result generates table like this:

But when I switch from table view to Graph, I receive the “Unable to graph data” error on empty graph.

How can I visualize data from this table as Time Series graph?

someone mentioned on another post, about “unable to graph data” is because you need to use group by in the query
try it

Thanks, but “Group by” do grouping several rows to one by single value, but here is several values per row, so it isn’t suit.

You might have to use “Series” Mode under the >Axes>X-Axis > for graph settings


@rktoa thanks for the advice! I changed this, but still have “Unable to graph data” error:

Maybe I need to modify the source table to prepare for rendering graph?